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Utah with Goggle! AHHH! As some of you know I am part of Google’s #teampixel. If you don’t know what #teampixel is, we are a group of creatives or brand ambassadors for Google’s pixel phone as well as other Google products.

This year I was lucky to travel with Google for the second time. If you didn’t check out my first time check it out here: San Francisco with Google. This time it was to Sundance Film Festival in Utah.

We all got there separately because we are all from different parts of the world or states. As I got to my lovely cabin, I completely fell in love with my window view. Coming from sunny California, it was such a nice change seeing so much snow.

sundance film festival

Utah Olympic Park

Our first day was spent at Utah Olympic Park. There we were given a tour of the whole place. We saw many spots where the Olympic sports took place. The slides look so scary I couldn’t picture myself going down any slide specially competing with others. Maybe in my next life lol. We had many stops to take some photos and just explore the area.

Later on we had the opportunity to go zip lining and participate in other snow activities. Everyone was so excited that we lost track of time. We had dinner reserved so we had to rush back to the lodge and get ready.

utah olympic park

Dessert Contest at Handle

Most of our days ended with a nice dinner either at Tupelo or Handle at Park City. They both are great places with great food. During one of our dinners at Handle, we got to participate in a dessert contest. The person with the best creative dish won a $100 gift card. Everyone was so creative. The competition was tough.


Photography of this slider by: @ryanmcmahill

Sundance Movies

Sundance film festival was crazy. I saw so many celebrities just hanging out trying to catch the next movie. I got to watch a few but one of my favorites was Colette with great actress Keira Knightley. It is such an inspiring movie that empowers women. It sure is a must see. I won’t spoil it and say much but I believe it made it to theaters so you will be able to watch it soon.

sundance film festival

Party at Youtube

Most of out nights ended with party at Youtube. Youtube was so much fun. We had a great DJ and oh so many unlimited drinks. We also had our own little #teampixel section where most of our photos were featured for everyone to see.

One of the celebrities who performed at Youtube was Poppy. She is a big Youtuber who is known as somehow weird and creepy but cute lol. (if that makes sense). If you don’t know who she is look her up on Youtube. Her style is not for everyone though lol. She is very colorful, creative and unique in her own way.

I hope you enjoyed my little Sundance recap. Check out the video below to see all the fun!

Xo Xo, Xio ❄️⛄️🎥

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