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Becoming a part of Google’s Teampixel

What is teampixel? Well, we are a group of creative individuals representing Google and Google’s Pixel phone. A couple months ago Google asked me to become a part of teampixel. Of course I gladly accepted and was excited to be part of such a team.

I was recently invited to San Francisco to join the rest of teampixel for Google’s big announcement.

san francisco google
google teampixel

Google’s Big Announcement

The big day came and we listened to a presentation that announced Google’s newest products including:

Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL: available in “cleary white”, “just black”, “kinda blue” and “black and white”

Google home Max and Google Home Mini: you can check the weather, traffic, your calendar, set reminders for the day and even give it commands. Check the links. There are tons and tons of other things these can do; basically organize and plan your whole day.

Google Pixelbook: this is a Chromebook that works like a tablet. It comes with a keyboard so you can either do work or use it a portable video device.

Google Pixel Buds: these bluetooth earbuds pair with Google Pixel and can translate to many different languages (sooooo cool).

Google also announced that it’s doing collaboration with Stranger Things. (My favorite show)

I cannot wait to get my hands on the new Pixel 2. It should be out in a couple of days. The camera is amazing and this new camera is even better with added features such as: higher resolution photos, portrait mode….etc. Pixel 2 also received a DXO score of 98!!! This means that it is classified as having the best camera in the world, for a phone.


Google Home Mini Pop Up

We got a chance to visit the “Google Home Mini” pop up. Here we got a chance to win a Google Home Mini or a Doughnut. The doughnut concept came because the Google Home Mini is about the size of a doughnut. It actually looks like a doughnut too lol. I played and I was lucky enough to win a Home Mini. YAY!! I still ate a doughnut though. Ha ha.

google teampixel
google home mini dounut
google teampixel
google home mini

I took this opportunity and went along with other teampixel members to explore the city and capture some cool photos.

san francisco
san francisco
golden gate bridge
hyatt san francisco
team pixel

I want to thank Google for giving me this opportunity to be part of the Google¬†teampixel team. Can’t wait to have many more cool events, meet cool peeps and get to check out all the cool products that have become my favorites.

PS: If you don’t know, most of my Instagram and blog photos are shot using my Google Pixel XL. Check out my Broad Museum blog post where I feature the phone.


Xio : )

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