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AHHH I went to Beautycon! I was so excited when I found out I was going to be attending one of the most biggest events in beauty. Beautycon was held in the convention center in downtown LA. It was full of excitement and lots and lots of makeup freebies.  I attended beautycon with my friend and we sure had a blast checking out each booth, winning prices and getting to meet our favorite social media and t.v celebrities.

beautycon 2017

What to expect?

Yes there are hundreds of girls who attend beautycon. Yes the lines are long to get inside, that’s only if you didn’t activate your wristband at home. We had to wait for about an hour to get it activated and get in. As we made our way to the entrance we were welcomed with a free lipstick. Hurray to our first freebie! lol

beautycon dj

Creative Booths

The entrance was full of creative booths to take photos in. My favorite was the one full of crazy yellow and pink blow dryers. They even had a fan on so your hair blew up. They were all so fun!

beautycon booth
beautycon hair
beautycon wall
beautycon pop
beautycon jay manuel


Beautycon sure had some delicious treats. There was doughnuts and alcoholic drinks inside. If you wanted more than a treat, there were also food trucks outside.

beautycon food

We had so much fun at each booth. Most booths had a certain activity going on and if you participated you received a free product. Most activities just involved taking photos at their booth. Sooo easy! Others involved trying out their beauty products. I felt like I had a mini makeover at each booth. I would recommend not wearing any lipstick because you sure will get to try on a lot of them here.

beautycon rimmel london
beautycon rimmel london

One of my favorite booths was the PIXI booth. I love their makeup. They gave us these cool flower crowns and if we took a photo at their booth, we got a free lipstick. You could also have them put on lipstick and makeup setting spray.

beautycon pixi
beautycon pretty little thing
beautycon l'oreal
beautycon welcome banner

I hope you enjoyed my beautycon recap. Hopefully it will give you an idea of what to expect if you are planning on attending one day. Click here for Beautycon website. 

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