The Birthplace of Jazz

New Orleans friends

New Orleans

AHHH New Orleans! Such a great fun experience to discover places you never thought you’d visit. Although we were only here for one day, I got the sense of this fun town.

My cousin and I decided to go on a family trip. I flew to San Antonio Texas to meet him and my aunt. We started our journey from there at about 5am.

We took turns driving from Texas to New Orleans. It took us about  7 hours to get there. When we got there, we walked around the famous Bourbon street looking at the shops and restaurants. This street is in the heart of New Orleans’ oldest neighborhood, the French Quarter. This street is known for it’s party life with lots of bars and stripclubs. I was there on a family trip so we will save that blog post for next time. Ha ha! We had a dinner cruise scheduled at 7pm so we had some time to explore.

New Orleans horse

Travel is never a matter of money but of courage.

New Orleans
New Orleans horse
New Orleans people

During our walk explorations, we encountered weird looking people dressed like this pic above. I believe it’s a drag queen? Haha I am not really sure but I thought the dress was really creative.  I wondered if she or he made it.

New Orleans drink

As soon as we got to the cruise, we ordered nice cold margaritas. We had to wait like 30 minutes for dinner to be ready so why not get a small buzz beforehand. lol

The cruise was amazing. We enjoyed our food as we listened to the live Jazz musicians play. The views from the boat were amazing as well.

New Orleans bridge
New Orleans scenery

After our cruise we continued our journey towards Orlando Florida, where we had our Airbnb house for the week. We stopped in Pensacola Florida to rest, this is the first closest city in Florida. We then continued our drive towards Orlando in the morning. I loved when our navigation said we reached a new state. Haha Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama were pretty fast to drive through. Head over to my Miami Florida blogpost and read all about Miami as well as the theme parks I visited.

Check out the video below to see the trip recap. I hope it inspires you to travel and explore this world: )

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