Live Your Life to the Max- The Newest Android Phone

The Blade X Max

The New ZTE Blade X Max

I found the perfect phone. I recently started using the ZTE Blade X Max and I am loving its features.  It is built with the latest version of Android Nougat. It comes with 32GB internal storage, which is decent for its price.

One great feature that I love is the extra-large 6” full HD screen. I rarely watch t.v. Instead, I watch movies and videos on my phone. This phone is great for watching movies on the go because of the large screen. You won’t hurt your eyes squinting. (LOL) If you are like me and edit photos on your phone, this phone is great because your images are crystal-clear.

The ZTE Blade X Max comes with fingerprint sensor on the back so you can unlock your phone. I feel it’s so much easier when the fingerprint sensor is on the back because you can easily just grab your phone and your finger is already there.

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My favorite thing is the camera. I love taking pictures and video. The ZTE Blade X Max is equipped with a high quality camera 13MP on both the front and rear side. This makes my selfies super sharp. On top of that it comes with a “beautify” setting while in selfie mode. This feature softly blurs your skin so you appear more beautiful. Isn’t that cool? haha I couldn’t stop taking selfies.

The ZTE Blade X Max comes with a regular camera mode and manual mode. In manual mode, you can adjust settings just like a professional camera. It lets you adjust ISO, shutter speed, exposure, white balance, focus, and intervals. You will feel like a pro! I am not saying it’s just like a professional camera but this is a great start if you want to learn to adjust your own settings. It’s also fun to learn. There is also a time lapse feature for those photo enthusiasts, like myself, who like to take those beautiful day to night shots.

The Blade X Max

For those who still talk on the phone (LOL), you can talk all you want and not worry about your battery dying. The ZTE Blade X Max is equipped with 3400mAH battery for longer use.

The Blade X Max
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Let me know your thoughts on this awesome phone. The ZTE Blade X Max is only $150 and it’s sold at Cricket Wireless with no contract. Check it out with the link below. And if it’s not too late, check out my Instagram and follow the steps! I am giving one of these phones away!! : D

Click here to know more about the ZTE Blade X Mas

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