My First Visit to New York

new york

Rockefeller Plaza

The excitement was real when I found out my dream of visiting New York was coming true. I could not believe it. My two weeks there quickly flew by. Our stay at Edison Hotel allowed us a quick one mile walk to our first destination, Top of the Rock observation deck. For those who don’t know, Top of the Rock is a three-level observation deck that consists of the 67th, 69th and 70th floors of the Rockefeller Plaza. I loved this place so much. The view of New York City is breathtaking.

top of the rock
top of the rock
girl at top of the rock
empire state building view
top of the rock observatory
top of the rock observatory

We were in NY during easter so they had this huge cute grass bunny. I thought it was kind of scary though. Look at its teeth. LOL

easter bunny rockefeller plaza

Times Square

Our stay at Hotel Edison was right on times square. We took advantage and saw two great broadway shows; Bandstand and A Bronx Tale. They were both amazing.

times square

Here we are with the creator of A Bronx Tale; Chazz Palminteri, the adult lead Bobby Conte Thornton and the child lead Hudson Loverro

Brooklyn Bridge

We decided to spend a couple of days in Dumbo Brooklyn. Shake Shack was a must for lunch. It has the most delicious burgers. The Brooklyn Bridge was a short walk from there so we decided to check it out. The view is amazing as well. 

brooklyn bridge

World Trade Center & The Oculus

Next stop was The Oculus located in World Trade Center. I believe this is the most “Instagramable” place on earth. This place looks like a spaceship. Some people say it looks like a white bird. This is a meaningful and beautiful addition for the world trade center. You might be wondering what this place is right? Well it’s probably the most expensive train station in the world.

the oculus
the oculus

This part might be a little sad but while we were there we went into the 9/11 museum which honors the 2,983 people killed in the attacks of September 11, 2001. There is sadness in everyone’s faces while they look, hear and read people’s last words. You can really feel the pain that people went through on that day and feel nothing but LOVE for humanity and the whole state of New York.

The first image of the slide show is what replaced the two twin towers. It has people’s name engraved in it and the peaceful water flows into this hole that’s in the middle. The feeling in unreal.

world trade center

New York Museums

I am absolutely in love with the museums in New York. Most located in Chelsea. I have never been to such huge museums. The Met is located by Central Park and it is the biggest one. You prob need to spend a whole day to see everything. Read my blogpost on The Met to read all about it. 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Entrance

New York aka The Big Apple

Have you ever wondered why they call New York City “The Big Apple”

The nickname comes from a catchphrase used in the 1920s by New York Morning Telegraph sports writer John J. Fitz Gerald in his horse racing column.” He first heard the catchphrase while in New Orleans from two african americans referring to the state as “The Big Apple”. Then the phrase catched on and it was a 1920s practice of calling certain race courses in the New York City region this particular fruity name. Big red delicious apples from Iowa were seen as extra special. That led to ‘the big apple’ being applied to things and people who were extra special. HMMM interesting.

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