The Crazy Minds of the Artists

girl at la art fair

Downtown LA Art Show

This month I was lucky enough to attend 2016 Downtown LA Art Show. I love gaining inspiration from art galleries and other creative artists. My favorite is pop art and colorful art in general. Here are some of my favorite pieces.

mickey painting

I love graffiti art. My favorite pieces where Mr Brainwash original paintings presented by the Denis Bloch gallery. Mr. Brainwash (“MBW”) is the pseudonym for the graffiti street artist Thierry Guetta.

I love the use of colors but what I like most about these art pieces is that they have this sort of rebellious attitude that I am attracted to. : D

mr brainwash

This one above is called  “EVERYDAY LIFE”  “Follow Your Dreams” Monkey and it’s mixed media on paper with stenciling, acrylic painting, and spray painting.

Loving the attitdue and street vive.

girl looking at art
two girls looking at art

“Art is not what you see but what you make others see”

mr brainwash


la art show
downtown la art show
snickers bar painting

What can I say about this Snickers pic above? HMM well that is what I like about art, is that everyone makes their own interpretation of it. This one is by artist Mel Ramos. It is a pop art style art piece. I am in love with anything Pop Art. Here is a link to more of his art. //

la art show doughnuts art
downtown la art fair
colorful painting
candy painting


I thought these were pretty interesting. I have never seen drugs used in art work. I guess there’s a first time for everything.

drugs art
mdma art
designer drugs
cocaine art
cloud 9

Wang Zhijie

downtown la art show
downtown la art show
downtown la art fair

These are illustrations by artist Wang Zhijie. I think these are so cute and creepy at the same time lol. They look like distorted cute asian dolls. I’ve always had a love for asian art. I love the colors and the child-like imagery behind it. More here: //

horse painting

This was really creative. I love how the horse painting is broken into 3 pieces.

bloddy painting
la art show
la art show

How about these creepy pics as a good bye haha. These really get me to think hmmm I wonder what the artist was thinking and feeling while painting these. If you want to see more of my favorite art pieces read my post on The Broad Museum. Check the next LA Art Show by clicking this link.

The beauty of art is that we get a glimpse of the artist and his or her thoughts at that moment. 

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