Meeting the famous Giraffe- Malibu Wines Safaris, CA


Meet Stanley The Giraffe @ Malibu Wines Safaris

I was very fortunate to get to explore Malibu Wines Safaris in California. If you love wine and animals, this is the perfect place for you. It’s so fun you’ll love it. This makes for an awesome birthday present as well. During our trip, we tried many wine samples, met all kinds of animals like zebras, camels and the lovely and sweet Stanley the giraffe. He has an instagram account by the way lol so follow him.  @a_giraffe_named_stanley We also got to feed the zebras and Stanley.

Other than the wine and fun animals, you get to learn a little about the place itself and about wine and the process of making it. We tried a little bit of every kind of wine. My favorite is white wine. I just love the sweet crisp taste.

happy girl

Take only memories, leave only footprints.

Feeding a llama
Feeding stanley the giraffe

So excited to feed Stanley. He’s so sweet and so famous. He’s appeared in Taylor Swift’s video ‘Wildest Dreams’, The Hangover part 3, and some commercials.

feeding giraffe
happy girl with a zebra

We got some amazing footage thanks to our drone pilot Grant. He has an amazing company called Fly By Imagery that focuses on drone pictures and videos. Check his work out.

drone shot of malibu wines safaris
drone shot of malibu wines safaris
Malibu Safari Friends

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